The 3 marketing strategies that no longer work

In recent years, the creation of an online business has become easier than ever thanks to new technologies and services created to make the network more and more usable by Internet users.

However, it's not all roses and flowers! The easier it is to reach your target audience, the more difficult it is to battle with your digital competitors.

In the same way the internet population has become increasingly able to manage its "virtual world" and its contacts and this means that if you choose to become a web entrepreneur, you have to be able to deal with this unlimited market in a prepared and intelligent way. On the other hand, I advise you to direct your efforts towards something else.

Some marketing and web marketing strategies that were going strong until a few years ago, no longer work today and, in some cases, produce irreparable damage.

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Here is the ranking of the five marketing strategies that no longer work. I advise you to read and take a cue in order to avoid unnecessary loss of time and money.

  1. Create an endless list of contacts. (Harmful!)
    There was a time when big numbers were important but today things have changed. Long mailing lists that include all your customers or potential customers without any sort of differentiation, do not allow you to establish a personalized and profitable contact with them.

An effective marketing action requires that your primary objective is to focus on the real needs of your prospect and you can not achieve this result if your list includes 10 different types of customers with totally different needs and / or problems! What is useful to do?

Create a personalized mailing list.

This is the only weapon that you have available to make targeted contacts that go to one side to fully meet the needs of your client and, on the other avoid yourself unnecessary waste of time and energy.

  1. Being able to visit as many pages as possible of your site / blog. (Useless)
    That's not your goal, unless you're in charge of advertising. If you make the mistake of focusing your attention only on the number of pages visited on your site, you run the risk of losing sight of your primary goal: find solutions tailored to your customers and your prospects.

In this regard, I quote you the words of one of the greatest contemporary motivational authors, Zig Ziglar:

If you help people get what they want, you can reach any goal.

What can help you do this task in the best way?

Give priority to conversions! Make sure that visitors who land on your site / blog turn into leads, ie into contacts interested in your products and / or services.

For this reason, make sure to create a privileged channel to continually interact with your target audience. The most immediate result you will obtain is to give the impression of being always present and attentive to the opinions and the "mood swings" of your typical client.

  1. Get a large number of links to your site / blog. (Very risky!)
    To climb the coveted peaks of the SERPs (= Search Engine Results Page) of the main search engines, only good content is needed. Receiving a lot of back links (= incoming link or incoming link) in one site, immediately brings up a red flag in the eyes of Google!

This penalty must keep you away from the desire to buy one of those cheap software that allows you to have over 5 thousand back links, with the promise of significantly increasing traffic to your site. In reality, things are different …

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