How online marketing works

The definition of web marketing and its operation
You hear about it often but it is obvious that if you're not in the industry, there are many doubts and with this article we want to clarify in detail how online marketing works. What are the most effective strategies and tools that can increase your company's sales and thus earnings?

We could say that doing online marketing means thinking about how to sell our product on the web: it's true, it's definitely the main objective . But this is not enough, since it is the same objective as advertising for example or public relations. There is more.

Can we indicate as a definition of web marketing all the actions carried out to create and maintain business relationships ? For example on social networks or in participation in groups and industry forums. Let's say that this is undoubtedly a vital component but also the relational aspect is not sufficient to give meaning to the work of those who "do" online marketing.

Promotion, sales, social networks, e-commerce, customer care, brand positioning: many actions that are conducted individually can also make you reach momentary results but that, only if organized in a single strategy, lead your company towards growth and stability.

Online marketing allows you to fully develop the potential of your business, strategically exploiting each channel: so you can see sales grow but also improve the positioning of your brand, differentiating yourself from the competition and increasing contacts with your potential customers in target.

Channels and web marketing strategies
Organizing a web marketing campaign means coordinating and integrating all these different actions among themselves and finding, for each channel to be used, the most effective and able to generate an economic return. What we need to pay attention to is exactly this point: the ROI we obtain for a given budget to invest.

Very often what makes us waver – in the initial phase – those who have never done online marketing activities, it is precisely the idea of ​​having to start with a considerable investment. But once you have calculated the investment return , which can be monitored and measured over time, you can begin to understand the enormous potential that a well-organized and well-defined online strategy is able to get you.

An effective strategy involves organizing different phases:

activity planning
creating a site
activities to generate traffic ( increase visits )
increase in conversions
analysis of the results

In the moment in which each of these phases corresponds to a positive result and therefore a measurable ROI with respect to the budget allocated at the beginning, an effective and productive chain is established, stable and continuous over time, measurable and above all scalable.

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